I love your taste

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I wanna be a good girl, too



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Morning sex is the best fucking sex

Dear Ninja, Trouble and CamAplogises for my lack of submissions recently, I’ve been a busy bee moving out and now we finally have a place to call our own. I just wanted to say what a huge fan of Cam Damage I am and I got a little excited when I spotted that she was hosting SS this week. Owen did a great job last week also! Hope you’re having a wonderful trip, here’s a photo of me and my significant other rolling around in the sheets, hope you like it! Thank you.www.sextathlon.tumblr.com

Well i’m positively flattered to have this lovely lady as a fan - so glad to be the recipient of your delightful submission this week.  I love your positioning on the bed and the mystery of only seeing your lower limbs entwined.  I hope you’re both settling into your place nicely, and that you’re making sure to christen every room of the new space properly :).